Beauty Style offers simple, efficient, and safe solutions for keeping skin beauty and youth, slowing down withering process, and keeping willowy figure.


Development and production of cosmetic products and programmes for skin care and slimming for women and men.

The company offers simple, efficient, and safe products for slowing down withering process, aesthetic correction, silhouette reshaping, and keeping your beauty and youth.

Beauty Style’s Philosophy

Development of cosmetic products based on high technologies, innovative solutions, and scientific research.

Retention of skin beauty, youth, and health with simple, safe, and efficient cosmetics. Balanced formulae of products are based on natural active components ensuring long-lasting visible results.

All cosmetics have been dermatologically tested and verified by professionals which is a good proof of quality and safety.

Beauty Style’s Development And Activity Areas

  • Cosmetic products and programmes for face and body care
  • Cosmetic products for aesthetic and aging changes correction
  • Cosmetic products and programmes for slimming
  • Cosmetics for machine treatments
  • Raw material and product quality control. The company strictly controls product quality on all stages of production – from formulae development to packing.
  • Company’s laboratories are in continuous state of research into new solutions and alternatives of using natural active components.
  • Development of new efficient cosmetic formulae.
  • Scientific research and verification by professionals.
  • Clinically proven efficiency and dermatological testing.

The company develops dynamically and is well positioned on the world market. Its products meet the most recent consumer requirements.

  • Affordable for everyone and competitive prices
  • Sustainable market position

Laboratories And Raw Materials

Beauty Style laboratories pay special attention to raw materials used for cosmetics production. Laboratory specialists develop and discover new natural components, their benefits, their usage and application capabilities in cosmetic products.

The laboratories work closely with marketing and production departments which allows creating new product formulae and perfecting the existing ones, giving a quick response to the changing demands of growing market, and producing rival products.

Beauty Style And Environmental Protection

The company’s policy includes environmental protection and reduced impact on environment during production process.

Each Beauty Style product is a result of laborious scientific research and development, thorough selection and professional testing; they are developed cherishingly and with care of beauty, designed for both women and men.

While creating exclusive formulae and patented complexes, the company devotes much attention to the quality and purity of raw materials. Dermatological tests of all cosmetics are a good proof of product quality and safety.