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Natural mask for all types of dehydrated skin, for tired skin and dull complexion as well as for skin marked by signs of aging. The mask has warming action based on a special technology used for its packing. The mask is not recommended for sensitive skin, couperose and inflamed skin.
Ultrafine fruit fibers of the mask provide skin with vitamins and healthy nutrients of fruits which are enriched with good elements. Mask matrix made from fruit fibers is saturated with solution of collagen, hyaluronic acid and argan oil which intensively moisturizes and softens skin. Just one application of the mask will recover skin vitality and healthy luminosity. Active components strengthen and tone, make skin firmer and increase its elasticity, eliminate irritation caused by climate or other external factors as well as protect against damaging impact. Fruit fibers structure allows skin breath during treatment and provides maximum and proportional penetration of all active components. Special heating technology adopted in the mask packing allows getting a splendid relaxing and warming mask with effect similar to paraffin treatment. Heat stimulates blood circulation which results in enhanced penetration of active components and accelerated regeneration process; skin cells get more oxygen and nutrients. Heat promotes dilation of pores, and thus, toxins drain from skin. The mask is excellent for relaxing treatment in a cold winter day. Active components: Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen, Natural moisturizing factor Amino Acids, Ceramides, Argan oil, Cactus extract. DO NOT USE: for treatment of couperose and inflamed skin. Also, it is not recommended to apply on hypersensitive skin.


Delicate and subtle mask for dehydrated skin of all types is especially recommended for sensitive and hypersensitive skin, for irritated couperose skin. It is recommended for tired skin and skin marked by signs of aging.
Natural fruit fibers enrich skin with vitamins and nutrients while being a carrier matrix for active components of the mask. Red grape polyphenols contained in the mask provide strong anti-oxidant action, neutralize free radicals, slow down aging process and strengthen small blood vessels. Hyaluronic acid and collagen moisturizes skin excellently making it firmer and more elastic. Arnica contained in the mask decongests actively, reduces irritation, provides anti-inflammatory, softening and soothing action. Active components action is enhanced with special cooling technology adopted in the mask packing. Cool mask provides effect similar to a soothing and moisturizing treatment. Cooling action boosts toning and decongestive action covering skin with freshness. Fruit fibers structure allows skin breath during treatment and provides maximum and proportional penetration of all active components. Mask application helps to get excellent results after sunbathing as well as in the case of hyperemia, edema or irritation. The mask will make you feel a breath of freshness on a hot summer day. Active components: Sodium Hyaluronate, Natural moisturizing factor Amino Acids, Ceramides, Glutamine Acid, Red Grape Polyphenols, Cactus extract, Arnica extract. Ideal for facial skin care during hot period, after sunbathing, for irritated skin.